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We provide a range of tools and services to manage your health when you are travelling or at home.


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  • A team of nurses, available 24/7 to help with all your health questions
  • A team of doctors review your results and help your with your treatment options
  • Safe and secure platform to access results and view your health records

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  • Speak with our care team anytime, 24/7
  • Book flexible online or in clinic appointments
  • Track your lab and health information from one place

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It's highly advisable to check in advance which vaccination protocols are recommended at your destination to enjoy your vacation safely. I find the DocHQ platform really useful to make your trip easier by providing accurate information about travel health, vaccination requirements and personalised recommendations.

- MD, DTMH, FACP, PhD Cesar Busto - Consultant at Infectious Department and Internal Medicine Service, Central Hospital Chile

Advances in therapies and precision medicine are contributing to longer overall survival rates and a better quality of life for cancer patients. Most of these patients want to keep travelling and enjoy life with their beloved ones as these new treatments are better tolerated. DocHQ's Travel Medicine Checker gives very useful information on legal status of drugs my patients carry at the destination of their travel.

- MD, PhD Eduardo Castañon - Oncology Department, Clinica University of Navarra

Today cancer treatments are better tolerated, most patients keep on with their regular lives, including leisure activities such as travelling. However, there are sometimes safety regulations with their complex prescriptions, especially with pain medications including narcotics, supportive care therapies such antiemetic etc. I find DocHQ’s Travel Medicine Checker a very useful tool for my patients travelling abroad.

- MD, PhD Patricia Martin - Oncologist Consultant at Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Paris

As a neurosurgeon, most of my patients face complex therapeutic regimes but they want to keep a busy life by working and travelling. The DocHQ website is helpful, easy to use, and efficient in its vaccine and travel medicine recommendations. DocHQ has built an innovative platform that can help all users, patients and physicians alike.

- MD Chafik Handis - Neurosurgeon at the Department of Neurosurgery, Bab El Oued University Hospital, Algeria

Health Statistics

2-3 million

deaths prevented every year through vaccinations

Source: WHO

of travellers self report a health problem during their trip

Source: J Travel Med 2017

32 countries

have the death penalty for drug smuggling

Source: The Economist

As a healthtech company, DocHQ want to help you connect efficiently to health support and advice whether you are at home, work or travelling abroad.

Madhur Srivastava - CEO at DocHQ